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Gilmore Boys 2015 Care Package

$19.00 / Coming Soon

Werewolf Jones & Sons Issue #1 - 52 pages, full color cover, FRANCH FLAPS, written and drawn by hans and fleurs, pink and blue guts, premiere of "Ask WWJ" advice column, additional drawings by Jessica Ciocci and Booger Brie <3

No Visitors Issue #1 - 52 pages, 2 tone rgb cover, blue and pink guts, illness comix & drawings from hospital stays by fleurs, the first of a series.

Limited Edition 20 page Gilmore Boys Selfie Zine - TW: Dickpics, sexynesss, celebrity cameos (Paris Hilton, Charles Burns, Alvin Buenaventura, John Travolta, George Michael, Mark Hoppus, Pocketmonsters etc.)